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The Kennedy Films

New 2K digital restorations of four classic films that form the bedrock of what President John F. Kennedy understood would be a new form of history.

Robert Drew: Ten Masterworks of American Cinéma Vérité

A limited-edition collection of ten documentary films, hand-picked by Drew Associates founder Robert Drew


The founding film of American cinéma vérité follows John F. Kennedy as he campaigns for the 1960 Democratic presidential nomination.

Crisis: Behind a Presidential Commitment

Inside the Oval Office and on the steps of the University of Alabama as the Kennedys confront George Wallace on racial integration.

Faces of November

An elegy for President Kennedy, as told by the grief-stricken faces of mourners filing by his coffin in the Capitol Rotunda and at his burial at Arlington National Cemetery.

The Chair

A crusading lawyer and his novel legal strategy to save a man from the electric chair.


This fly-on-the-wall doc paints a deeply personal portrait of a young, naive Jane Fonda as she prepares for an ill-fated Broadway play.

On The Pole

Beloved auto racer Eddie Sachs' obsession to win the 1960 Indianapolis 500 is captured with intimate camera techniques never used before.

Yanki No!

Anti-U.S. sentiment builds in Latin America, fueled by leaders like Cuba's Fidel Castro.

Mooney vs. Fowle

Rival high school football coaches prepare their teams for a legendary showdown at the Florida state championship.

On the Road with Duke Ellington

A wild ride on the Duke's merry-go-round that presents him at the pinnacle of his 50-year career.

Storm Signal

A young couple in love, with a baby they love, fall into heroin addiction.

Man Who Dances: Edward Villella

An intimate portrait of Edward Villella, one of the greatest ballet dancers in history.

Letters From Vietnam

A U.S. helicopter pilot flying combat missions in Vietnam records letters home to his wife and infant son.

The Children Were Watching

The first week of school integration in New Orleans is marked by violent demonstrations of hatred by white parents as their children look on.

The Sun Ship Game

Remarkable aerial photography captures the beauty and speed of flying as two glider pilots vie to win the 1969 U.S. Soaring Championship.

Susan Starr

Susan Starr is a talented young concert pianist preparing for the biggest competition of her life. She also happens to have a terrible cold.


A talented jazz trumpeter tries to get clean in Synanon House, a unique drug-treatment center on the beach in Santa Monica, Calif.

Mission to Malaya

Real-life suspense unfolds as a Peace Corps nurse must bypass Indonesian pirates to get her pregnant patient to an emergency surgery.

Petey & Johnny

The story of a former gang leader and ex-convict turned social worker, Piri Thomas, trying to save a gang leader, Johnny, from death or prison.

Adventures on the New Frontier

A portrait of John F. Kennedy's inauguration and early days in office offers an unprecedented look inside the workings of the White House.

The Big Guy

Jim Beattie, 6'9" tall, vies for the heavyweight crown against Dick Wipperman in Madison Square Garden.

For Auction: An American Hero

Auctioneer travels Nebraska disposing of farms, farmers and one of America's great traditions.

Herself, Indira Gandhi

This up-close portrait of Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi reveals the complex dynamics of the world's largest democracy.

Men of the Tall Ships

A trans-Atlantic sailing race and grand entrance into New York Harbor for the U.S. bicentennial, as seen aboard six Tall Ships.

On the Pole: Eddie Sachs

The anticipation and fervor builds as Eddie Sachs, a beloved and charismatic driver, starts both the 1960 and 1961 Indianapolis 500 from the pole, or lead, position.

A President to Remember: In the Company of JFK

Narrated by Alec Baldwin, the film offers a fresh look at John F. Kennedy, a U.S. president respected at home and abroad.

Bullfight at Malaga

Two legendary matadors, Ordonez and Dominquin, go mano-a-mano in the "Bullfight of the Century," chronicled by Ernest Hemingway.

L.A. Champions

Two high school basketball team captains prepare to face off in the city championship, where winning can offer a chance of a better life.


The first candid film made on a foreign chief of state, three weeks in the life of Jawaharlal Nehru.

Kathy’s Dance

Documentary following modern dancer/choreographer Kathryn Posin as she shares the joy of her art and independent lifestyle.


Story of the last flight of TWA pilot Harold Blackburn and his retirement at age 60 after 40 years.

Key Picture

A prototype television magazine show, "Key Picture" is an early expression of Bob Drew's ideas for revolutionizing documentary filmmaking.

From Two Men and a War

Bob Drew’s war as a teenage fighter pilot profiled by Ernie Pyle and how those experiences influenced his development of American cinéma vérité.


Eddie Sachs is once again on the pole for the 1961 Indy 500, with highlights from the previous year's race.

The New Met: Countdown to Curtain

Frenzy of preparing for opening night at the New Met Opera House, Lincoln Center as Leontyne Price stars in Barber's "Antony and Cleopatra."


A rotund Life Magazine correspondent floats inside an aircraft flying ballistic curves to simulate the experience of weightlessness in space on earth.

The Space Duet of Spider and Gumdrop

A human look at three astronauts and their Apollo 9 mission.

A Man’s Dream: Festival of Two Worlds

Gian Carlo Menotti attends to the details of his famed Spoleto Festival.

Balloon Ascension

A scientist is keen to discover if there's water on Mars, so he and his telescope plan to take a high-altitude balloon to the edge of Earth's atmosphere.

American Football

A coach's whole career depends upon winning this football game in an early, experimental film.

The Road to Button Bay

More than 8,500 Girl Scouts gather in Vermont for the annual roundup. The spectacle comes alive through the stories of an eight-girl troop from Kansas.

River of Hawks

Using a custom, home-built experimental plane, Robert Drew captures remarkable aerial shots of a hawk migration over Panama.

Aga Khan

As the new head of the Ismaili Muslim community in Africa, the 20-year-old Aga Khan attempts to bridge the divide between East and West.
Primary John F. Kennedy in 1960

Being with John F. Kennedy

Combining four original Drew Associates films on President John F. Kennedy to create an over-arching biography of Kennedy's political life.

Carnival of the Menuhins

Yehudi Menuin returns to the N.Y. Philharmonic for a 40th anniversary performance of his debut as a child prodigy of 11.

Warning From Gangland

A Los Angeles gang attacks a grocer and his family who fight back with the aid of the police and the courts.

Shootout on Imperial Highway

Jailed Los Angeles gang members tell their side of the war with a grocer, and meet again in a Los Angeles courtroom.

Messages From the Birds

Martin Sheen narrates a coast-to-coast journey across America showcasing what we can learn from shore birds, in the forefront of conservation efforts.

Jazz: The Intimate Art

The personalities of Louis Armstrong, Dave Brubeck, Dizzy Gillespie and Charles Lloyd shape their musical styles.

Fire Season

A young gang member leaves the Los Angeles streets to join the California Conservation Corps and fight fires high in the Sierra mountains.

In the Contest of the Queen

Story of American concert pianist Anton Kuerti's participation in the Queen Elisabeth of the Belgians competition.

Life and Death of a Dynasty

A unique and intimate look into the Nehru-Gandhi political family that shaped modern India over three generations.

The Zapper

We learn about Portec's machine, The Zapper, which was a major advancement in railroad spike driving technology.

International Jazz Festival

World gathering of the great names in jazz, including Benny Goodman.

Who’s Out There?

Orson Welles hosts an exploration from science fiction to science fact about extraterrestrial life.

Assault on Le Mans

Top American racing driver Phil Hill vies for the win against a Ferrari in the famed 24-hour race.

Marshall High Fights Back

How two principals fight back chaos and violence to change a central city high school from one of the worst to one of the best schools in Chicago.

London to Peking: The Great Motoring Challenge

A cavalcade of 61 vehicles embark on an adventure to traverse two continents and cover more than 9,000 miles.

Militia Man

Militia leader threatens officials of a rural Montana community, including a judge who is a single mother of three children.

On the Trail of the Vanishing Birds

Alec Baldwin travels to Peru's rain forest with Kim Basinger to learn how endangered macaws might be saved.

The Time of Our Lives

Henry Fonda narrates a multi-segment show culminating in the drama of the B-70 bomber's first test flight as seen through its pilot's eyes.
image of Anne Drew

Anne: A Life Making Films

A tribute to Drew's filmmaking partner and wife, Anne, featuring personal footage at home and during their on-location adventures.


The final test flight of the X-15 rocket-powered plane is a wild ride.

Your Flight is Cancelled

Inside the control tower at the world's busiest airport when a thunderstorm strikes.

Images of Einstein

Sculptor Robert Berks creates a memorial at the National Academy of Science commemorating Albert Einstein's 100th birthday.

784 Days That Changed America: From Watergate to Resignation

Looking back 10 years later at America's most famous political scandal.
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