784 Days That Changed America: From Watergate to Resignation

1982, 90 mins


Nancy Dickerson

Executive Producer - Writer

William Carpenter

Executive Producer

Robert Drew

Producer - Writer

Sidney Reichman


Joe Rose


Duff Thomas


David Steward

Photographer - Editor

Phyllis Chinlund

Supervising Editor

Ruth Neuwald


B. G. Williams


Bill Wander

Photography Assistant

Vito Brunetti

Editing Assistant

Frank Phillippe

Editorial Consultant

Brad Darrach

Editorial Consultant

Michael Nelson

Editorial Consultant

Francine Proulx

Washington Consultant

Kathleen MacQueen

Production Coordinator

Sherry Bailey


H. K. Trabish


Rosemary Hartman



1982 George Foster Peabody Broadcasting Award

1983 American Bar Association Silver Gavel Award

1983 International Film and TV Festival of New York Gold Award

"It would be a great thing if this program could be shown in every high school and college in the country"

Judge John Sirica

Ten years after the Watergate scandal, this retrospective report condenses two years of American history into a two-hour television special. Narrated by one of its executive producers, journalist Nancy Dickerson, the program combines television coverage from 1972-3 with interviews of many of those who were intimately involved to put events into a perspective that otherwise might have been lost.  “It would be a great thing if this program could be shown in every high school and college in the country,” said Judge John Sirica, the chief judge for the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia, who famously ordered then-President Richard Nixon to turn over his taped recordings of White House conversations.

Although it won a prestigious Peabody award, among others, People Magazine wasn’t impressed. It noted the program in its Picks and Pans in its June 21, 1982 edition: “Remember John Dean’s description of a ‘cancer’ growing on the Presidency? Alexander Butter-field’s revelation of bugs in the Oval Office? Richard Nixon’s ‘I’m not a crook’? Relive all those moments and more in this compendium of Watergate’s Greatest Bits, narrated by Nancy Dickerson. Unfortunately, the show, on the 10th anniversary of the break-in, is little more than a jumble of taped events totally lacking a point of view.”

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